Cathi Bosco

Enjoying creativity and seeing the world in new and different ways are meaningful experiences for people of all ages. – Cathi Bosco 2012  Artist / Children’s Book Author

Cathi Bosco ProfileOriginally from Colorado, I currently live and work in Madison, Connecticut where I own a Creative Design Services Studio: C & D Studios.  As a working artist, illustrator, photographer, publisher and designer, the projects, subjects and work objectives have changed over time, but passions, artistry and skills have sharpened with new experiences, resources and challenges.

My design tools include “old school” paper & pencil as well as The Adobe Suite software programs. These days I find myself drawn towards designing for the web. I find web design work extremely rewarding and challenging. I like to empower clients with emerging resources. I am a merit scholar and graduate from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago where I studied 2,3 and 4-D Time Arts. I love drawing, Art and creativity.

I am also a member of the SCBWI Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and the NESCBWI New England Connections SCBWI where you can learn more about visiting artist/author speaking engagements and opportunities. My photography and photojournalism work has been recognized by The Connecticut Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists’ annual excellence in journalism awards 2008 for published magazine covers and for photo-journalism stories. From the studio we handle web design, identity, branding, logos, photography and illustration for clients internationally. We offer training, consultation and all kinds of design services for print and for the web. I work with several Art galleries throughout New England as well. As an illustrator I am best known for my work illustrating College Mascots for the CBC Collection – officially licensed and approved Fine Art Illustration work for institutions and retail product lines.

All original Art is copyright protected. Please visit to view more recent work. This product line: The Cathi Bosco Collection is an evolving side project. I also produce a few commission portraiture projects annually.

It is my privilege and pleasure to create quality design and original art that is a reflection of what inspires, enhances and reveals our primal, collective and individual human experiences. I love to illustrate what our hearts are passionate about and I find the exercise of creativity to be a vital function and powerful tool in nurturing health and wholeness.

I am very excited to announce that I have published my first book! Be the Kite! is a picture-book that I have both written and illustrated. I hope to make this a series… working on the next book… it is intended to be an example of the nurturing nature of imaginative thinking.  I also have 2 additional children’s picture books in production for Yale and for The University of Colorado featuring their beloved mascots – FUN! Feel free to contact me here at the studio if you have a project or inquiry regarding design work or speaking engagements.


Dare to dream - Be the Kite!